Water Drop earrings

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Recycled sterling silver ring with high finish polished.

Perfect for a special ocasion!


£50.00 Includinc tax

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Each drop of silver that you see represents a moment of inspiration: water that creates life, rain falling over our face, waves that craddle the shore with its whispers.

With every one of these rings you will have a unique piece, like the moment in which they were created.

The water adapts to its surrondings to fulfill its pursuit.

That is why water is not only a symbol of life, but a symbol of change and constant adaptation.

Which shape of the water with which you most identify yourself?

Have you chosen yours already?

You know life is an eternal flow…And that this is the perfect piece that represents  you.

These rings are made of sterling silver,

Send me a message if you want a specific size for them.


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