You love jewellery and you want to find a unique piece that may achieve that touch that makes you stand out.

After all, small details symbolize big moments and emotions in our lives.

At the same time, you want to do it in an ethical and responsible way in regards to the environment and human rights.

My name is Paula Cala and I design, unique handmade pieces inspired by nature.

Above all, I try to be conscientious towards the world I am surrounded by.

Throughout the world, huge amounts of precious metals and gemstones are extracted every year generating a big profit but at the expense of environmental damage and human exploitation.

Now a days, only a few brands can assure that, behind their products there is a story of respect for human rights and environmental protection.

Since my interest for the arts and crafts started, I was clear that elegance and small luxuries shouldn’t be in conflict with empathy for other human beings and nature.

Getting any of my pieces it is a guaranteed that you are obtaining a quality and uniquely designed product.

Essentialy, you will be opting for one of the few ethic and responsible alternatives that you can find in Scotland.


To make sure there is no human exploitation in the extraction of the raw materials, I turn to responsible mining companies.

Increasingly, I opt for precious metals that are recycled within this country.

In this way I reduce the environmental impact by:

      • Preventing continuous extraction of new raw materials from the Earth.

      • Supporting local commerce.

      • Reducing the environmental impact involving long distance transport.

      • Giving a new life to unuse objects.


Some time ago, I realised that monotonous jobs are not for me. Jewellery making allows me to manage my own time and, at the same time, it gives me peace and satisfaction.

I love the creative process of generating ideas and transforming them into something physical, tangible. Within that path I find challenges that compel me to think about the processes and they push me to keep learning.

It is important that I keep an eye in every detail, and keep the future owners of that piece in mind during my creative process…

Finally, working with my hands is part of my process and personal healing.


Other things I like:

      • Nature.

        In fact, every time I have the chance, I escape to the mountains. It is there where I used to find inspiration for my designs. That is why most of the time, you will find combinations of organic elements and more traditional figures in my designs.

      • Handcrafts.

        They relax me!

      • Yoga.

        Actually, it became such an important part of my life that I even went to India to keep learning.

If I have to summarise, I would say that I try to find coherence between what I need for my wellbeing and how I act to contribute to improving the world that surrounds me.

It is not an easy path…But that is why I keep evolving and learning!


Write me and I will answer as soon as possible 🙂

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