Etched Branches earrings

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Recycled sterling silver dangle earrings.

All pieces are unique. No two are ever the same.

Easy to wear in your daily life or for a special occasion.

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Full Moon. Through her we receive all the power of sunlight. Both, the moon and the sun convey all the beauty and power in nature.

With the full moon we feel more fulfilled, more creative and more romantic…

But it is also a time to reflect on what we have done throughout the cycle.

Although the circular shape of these earrings may remind us of the moon, they have delicate etchings of tree branches, which gives them this unique texture.

In this way, elements as different as the earth and the sky, are united.

These earrings are  made from sterling silver. They are 100% recycled sterling silver.

They have a diammeter of 25mm.



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