Topaz Water drops Ring

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Sterling silver ring with satin polishing, topaz cubic zirconia and silver drops.



£45.00 Includinc tax

Rings are the most personal jewelry we have and, most of the time, are linked with important moments in our lives.

That is why they are ideal to express the strength of your personality and those moments that made you be who you are today.

The mix of the fixed durability of the metal ring with the fluidity of the small bubbles which reflect the adaptability of the water, plus the unique touch of this blue topaz cubic zirconia make, this piece totally unique and inspiring.

Handmade sterling silver ring set with recycled silver granules and a 2mm 4ARound brilliant London blue Topaz.

Matt finish outside and highly polish inside for a better feel.

7g weight, 9mm wide and sized as a P.


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