Moon earrings

Recycled sterling silver earrings with matt finish. Perfect fo a special occasion or for everyday wear!


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New moon, crecent moon, full moon, ebbing moon…The moon has enormous influence over the Earth. Without it, life would not exist…

Its cycles are essential for life…and for our femenine bodies.

Like the moon, we go through different stages during our cycle, and all of them are important.

Which phase do you most identify yourself with? Do you feel connected with it through its cycles? If so, these earrings are your perfect adornment.

These earrings are made of 100% recycled 92.5 sterling silver at my workshop.


16mm approx. length of the hook from piercing on the earlobe

Matt finish

All pieces are unique. No two are ever the same

Easy to wear in your daily life or for a special occasion.


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